Caution - Fake News Alert!!!

We wish to draw your attention to the disinformation, defamation and extortion Web Site called:, (and its related sister sites)

which, without legal rights or authority, publishes unsubstantiated illegally obtained, hacked or falsified business, financial and other related  documents, making all sorts of uncorroborated claims of criminal and/or other negative activities, either directly or via innuendo, for nefarious, extortion or other purposes and grossly abuses the names and stolen identity documents of the targets been framed.

With a little bit of research one can quickly establish that this Site is linked to Pirate Bay and identify the Whistleblower principals as they themselves being notorious hackers and scam artists.

These folk are a scourge to society and should all be in jail.

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Mes dernières vacances

Je consacre de plus en plus de temps à de longs voyages. Dans mon album photos, vous trouverez des photos de mes dernières vacances. Ne manquez pas d'y jeter un coup d'œil !

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